The photo deposit can be deducted from the final service fees, but is not refundable. However, if clients visit our office, they will be able to browse the original nude/SM photos and videos. Our ladies cannot play 24x7, and they need a break from time to time. All ladies' pictures are genuine photos, except that some nude/SM ones have their faces covered. Let the slave know when the session is starting and finishing by directly

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telling her. We accept the payments listed below (if you need our account details to make payment, please let us know 1, Bank transfer (T/T) 2, Personal payment by cash at our Sydney office. How to Choose the Proper Slave. Our clients can get photos by email or come to browse the computer database in our office. Use the resource at your own y posting an ad as an example. You can book only via website or personally in our office.

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We will send you the ladies' photos and other information. Payment - Asian Slave Club policy: if the service is carried out in Sydney, a client can pay on the lady's arrival (if she is also from Sydney). Then your lady will fly to you. LOL cuckold - Pronunciation - kuk-uhld - noun 1) The husband of an unfaithful wife. It is also important to let the lady clearly understand when you are starting and finishing a session of SM play.

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2) A husband whose wife has sex with others. Most clients would like to choose young, pretty and "fresh" girls. Perhaps give her a rose or offer her dinner before starting cuckold slave escort service 24 SM activities. Clients' Privacy To protect our clients' privacy, we review our database regularly, and we delete the clients who haven't contacted us for 2 years or more. We hope all clients will choose the best slaves for their needs and enjoy their time. When you first meet the lady, please take the time to introduce yourself and talk to her. To protect ladies' privacy, we won't provide a copy of air-ticket or booking reference number of the flights. 2, if a client tells us that you want to meet a slave in a future date but no payment, then this girl is still on the market. A/ 200 photo deposit.). Choose a wild, naughty companion that can fulfil your bdsm inclinations and have fun turning your fantasies into reality! IMO that site is the lowest quality there. However, please note: 1, new clients in Sydney still need to pay A200 photo deposit to view the photos and start cuckold slave escort service 24 arrangement. Please note, we don't accept telephone bookings. Some inexperienced clients may believe that this will save money when in fact it may end up costing more or even lead to an unpleasant experience.

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